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Submitted on
June 23, 2013


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Edit: For now I open sketch commissions only. If you're interested in other styles just ask me~


:bulletgreen: Send me a note explaining what you want me to draw and how you want me to draw it (pose, mood, background if you want one). A short description/OC reference will do
:bulletgreen: I'll then send you my PayPal and email info. I'll be able to show you the sketch and the progress of your commission. Remember, first you have to pay me before I start working on your commission
:bulletgreen: You'll receive a bigger version of your commission than the drawings I post here, without the watermark
:bulletgreen: I'll be posting the commissions on :iconzellie669-commishes:
:bulletgreen: The time I spend on your commission depends on how many people want commissions and how complex they are
:bulletred: I don't accept points

I will draw:
:bulletblue: fanart (games, movies, anime/manga etc)
:bulletblue: original characters
:bulletblue: yaoi, yuri

I won't draw:
:bulletred: animals/anthro/furry
:bulletred: nudity/hentai
:bulletred: sci-fi/cars/machines etc


Skyward Sword Zelda: wink by ZelbunniiTwilight Princess: Here kitty, kitty by ZelbunniiSkyward Sword: love will find a way by Zelbunnii
:bulletgreen: 10$
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for an additional character

Cel shaded style:
It's Link time :D by ZelbunniiRaxelle by ZelbunniiTwilight Princess: Midna by Zelbunnii

Waist up:
:bulletgreen: 20$
:bulletgreen: + 10$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Full body:
:bulletgreen: 30$
:bulletgreen: + 20$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Soft shaded style:
Ghirahim + Vaati: Dem fabulous villians by ZelbunniiTwilight Princess Link (collab part) by ZelbunniiArt trade: Remlit invasion by Zelbunnii
Waist up:
:bulletgreen: 30$
:bulletgreen: + 20$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Full body:
:bulletgreen: 40$
:bulletgreen: + 25$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Skyward Sword style:
Skyward Sword: Wake me up, Sleepyhead by ZelbunniiSkyward Sword: Link and Zelda by ZelbunniiSkyward Sword Giamiru by Zelbunnii

Waist up:
:bulletgreen: 35$
:bulletgreen: + 25$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Full body:
:bulletgreen: 45$
:bulletgreen: + 30$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Skyward Sword: Chibi Link and Zelda by ZelbunniiChibi Shabetto by ZelbunniiSkyward Sword: Chibi Link and Groose by Zelbunnii

:bulletgreen: 16$
:bulletgreen: + 8$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 3$ for blinking animation

Commissions list:

:bulletblue: - open slots
:bulletgreen: - finished
:bulletred: - not paid/haven't received a note yet
:bulletyellow: - currently working on a commission
:bulletpurple: - haven't started working on a commission yet

:bulletgreen: 1. :iconemeraldsofsugar: Commission: Link and Verios by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 2. :iconhayzer7: Commission: Link x 4 at Milk Bar by Zelbunnii
:bulletgreen: 3. :iconllanolyn: Commission: Queen of Fairies by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 4. :iconilora24:Commission: Link and Marin by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 5. :iconllanolyn: Commission: Twilight Princess Zelda at the beach by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 6. :iconjardineparrot: Commission: Link at the Bazaar by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 7. :iconpatrikah: Commission: Link and Abigailia by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletred: 8. :iconlacrirosa: [1 full body cel shaded character + detailed background] *waiting for payment*
:bulletgreen: 9. :icondreamsofgorrum: Commission: Allenore, Jaximus, Xanathar by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 10. :iconcrestvyne: Commission: Nwa Lvene by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 11. :iconfury-161: Commission: Link's transformation by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 12. :iconblackbeta13: Commission: Akira and Hitoshi by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen:: 13. :icongandptrixie: Commission: SS Zelda dressing up by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 14. :iconshuichiboy: Commission: Adell and Artemis by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletgreen: 15. :iconmadiminlee: Commission: Friends by Zellie669-commishes
:bulletred: 16. :iconlost-crazy-diamond: waiting for payment
:bulletpurple: 17. :iconsuntsch: [2 chibis]
:bulletpurple: 18. :iconbluehecate: [1 chibi + background]

Got any questions? Just ask me ^^
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I don't have paypal and I was wondering if you accept premium membership?
Zelbunnii Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For now I do PayPal commishes only
NekonRoafu Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you open?
Zelbunnii Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eeeeyup, I am. Though I do sketches only for now
Lost-Crazy-Diamond Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you know when commissions will be open again?
Zelbunnii Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can open a slot if you want :3
clampfan101 Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I could never expect anyone to actually pay money for my art.
Lawman09 Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe next month... :shrug:
You're on my "hitlist" of artists that I'll commission one day when I have enough money. xD
Zelbunnii Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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